About us

Me Power is a powerful and effective online training programme for anybody involved in education, work and life.

It uses interactive video lessons with simple and practical daily exercises to help adults and young people build helpful personal habits that improve their performance in work, education and life. It also provides support for families.

For Work, Life & Education

The training is avaiable for daily use by businesses, schools and families.

The online programmme is presented in an engaging visual format to build helpful habits.

Teachers can use Me Power to support their pupils and monitor their progress and engagement.

Businesses can use Me Power to support groups of colleagues or individuals.

Parents can use it in the home, with their own children.

We work with businesses and professions including many senior executives in high pressure roles in the City of London, and in Europe and the United States.

Our programme at Colfe’s School in London won Education Initiative of the Year at the Independent School Awards.

Me Power School Success is based on decades of applied research, the latest neuroscience and a training programme that has helped thousands of people to be their best. It has been written and developed by performance consultant Dr. Jon Finn, who has worked closely with behaviour change expert Professor Jim McKenna. Other members of the Tougher Minds team, including Head of Education Andrew Foster MA (Cantab), also supported the development. It is based around six core principles:

Understanding brain function and building better habits

Boosting motivation and personal drive

Improving concentration, focus and productivity

Supercharging learning and exam performance

Controlling emotions and improving confidence

Planning for success in school and life